Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Hell on Vinyl 04 and the Unexpected

Astute readers may notice that there is a missing Hell on Vinyl 03. That is because 03 is in a pile of half/heavily sculpted, yet unsanded, pieces on my desk. Lately, I  work in small bits of time when I can spare it, and 03 requires an extended devotion of continuous time/work. But fear not, he is forthcoming and I have such sights (of him) to show you.... In the meantime, I overcame my obsession with Order and worked on 04 in the meantime.

And then... Eye don't suppose you expected this. Neither did eye. Made as a gift for an aspiring young artist for her birthday. A really brilliant kid with an interest in (and talent for) both 2D art and custom toys!

(Apologies for the quick, unrefined phone pic.)

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