Infinite Rabbits is a lonely child
Who's waiting by the park
Infinite Rabbits is a door to finding
Treasure in the dark
And watching over lucky clover
Isn't that bizarre
Every little thing the Infinite Rabbits does
Must be answered with a question mark

Infinite Rabbits is in touch with the ground
He's on the hunt he's after you
Infinite Rabbits smells like he sounds
He's lost in a crowd

Infinite Rabbits straddles the line
In discord and rhyme
He's on the hunt
Infinite Rabbits is after you

Infinite Rabbits' mouth is alive with juices like wine

Sing blue silver

Infinite Rabbits is a Cleveland, Ohio, artist and designer. His educational background is in History and Architecture. He has worked in architecture, art, and graphic design. His experience includes commercial and residential architecture, public art & murals, interior design, gallery design and promotions, art education, print, apparel, and digital design, and a healthy dose of whatever-it-takes. He currently works mostly in commercial architecture by day, and sculpting and painting when he can stay awake at night

And the droning engine throbs in time with his beating heart

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