Friday, June 1, 2018

Monday, January 15, 2018

Copperbot Fhtagndroids

Next bit of "Unfinished Business" are a pair of custom Andoids. I sketched up ideas to follow of some of my previous sets of three, a few years ago. Sculpting started the middle of last year, then got set aside while other things took priority. Only two have made it to the finish line so far -- the Copperbots.

These are both available in my online store.

Snunny Here and Gone

2018 is planned to be the year of Unfinished Business. The early part of the year, at least. In that vein, here's one of the first. A bit late posting it here, as it sold minutes after going online & on IG. A Dunny/snail mash that was started years ago and meant to be a follow-up to the "Snaelhead" Dunny I previously did (2013-ish?)

Better late than never...

More Unfinished Business forthcoming.

Saturday, December 9, 2017

Christmas Ornament

We have a number of fun contests & competitions at my office throughout the year. Recently we had a Christmas ornament decorating contest. Since I haven't had much time for art-related stuff since starting there, this was a good excuse to spend a couple of late nights in the basement working on some sculpting & painting. We have a cool mascot (an armadillo), and I've really been wanting to do something (sculpting) with him, so...

Here he is on the tree in the front lobby.

And a few behind-the-scenes progress shots...

I was a little rushed at the end, and didn't get quite the fine level of finish I would have liked. And I skipped a few steps to get the back end done quickly -- if a bit roughly. But nit-picks aside, I'm happy with how he turned out given the limited time, and I had fun making him.

Friday, December 1, 2017

Customs Still Available

I was just reminded that the custom Rocketboy "Nohwitz" is still available from Rotofugi.

There are still a few older customs available in my online shop as well, and the custom Bloom from last month's D-Con show is now available online at Kyle Kirwan's online shop. (Sorry, the Willo is already sold.)

Saturday, November 4, 2017

D-Con 2017 - Vagabonds

Stop by booth 1434 at Designer Con 2017 for Kyle Kirwan's D-Con Vagabonds show. Along with tons of awesome stuff from a line-up of great artists such as Mr. Kirwan himself, I will have a Willo & Bloom there...