Friday, February 7, 2020

Belated Solstice - Lord of the Hunt

Just noticed that I forgot to post my Lord of the Hunt here before the show!

The Lord of the Hunt sold, but the Labbithenge is still available:

Sunday, December 15, 2019

Solstice @ Mothership Gallery (teaser)

I've just packed up a couple of surprises for the Solstice show at Mothership Gallery. Only a quick teaser for now. More pics later this week.

Saturday, December 14, 2019

Gift Wrapped 2019

The Flayer

Custom 5" Dunny w/ skinning knife and sculpted 3" Dunny hide trophy.

For the Gift Wrapped 2019 show at Clutter Gallery.

Think I'm taking a bread from the blood and gore after this one....

Saturday, November 30, 2019

Clutter Gallery - Gift Wrapped 2019

To celebrate the 7th installment of Clutter Gallery's annual winter spectacular, Gift Wrapped, they have gathered over 100 amazing artists from all over the globe to bring you affordable art just in time for the holidays!!

Gift Wrapped is a special holiday season (not holiday-themed) art exhibition designed to encourage people to buy unique, hand-made, artist-driven gifts for the holidays. The show features a mixture of 2D, 3D, wall hanging and standing pieces, in all genres of the designer toy and contemporary art world.

Each piece in the show has a maximum retail price of $200, and unlike our usual exhibits, all sold pieces will be able to be taken home on the night of the opening [cash and carry style] (or shipped shortly thereafter). This is a perfect opportunity to get a unique gift for someone special or a little something for yourself.

Artist Include:

Absurdery • Ally Burke • American Gross • Aya Kakeda • BackCountry • Bakkun • Bert S. Gatchalian • Big C • Bleeding Edges • BogXSquad • Brad 'Monster Ego • BrainButterCreative • Brent Nolasco • Burning Monster • Charles V. Bennett • Chima Group • Coven of Cuteness • Cristina Ravenna • Czee1 • Dan Sculpts • Darktownsally • Dead Beat City • Deadhand Toys • Don't Cry In The Mornin • Double Parlour • DROLDN • Droolwool • Ears & Dears • Eimi Takano • El Hooligan • Erica Borghstijn • Ezard • Feathered Fox • FER MG • Fernanda Fierro • Figure Fettish • Flawtoys • Frank Mysterio • freshtoast • Gaijin • Ghost Fox Toys • Grizlli Atom • Grumble Toy • HARIKEN • Hatch Comic • HungryGhost • Infinite Rabbits • Javier JimĂ©nez • Jay Stelling • Jay222 • Jaykblu • JeAA • Jeff Lamm • Jellykoe • Johnny Draco • Jyelloween • Katie Gamb • kEda • Kelly Denato • Kendra's Customs • Klav • Kyle Kirwan • Little Lazies • Lou Pimentel • M Victoria Robado • Magitarius • Marina • Mark Nagata / Max Toy Co • Melissa Sue Stanley • Mike Regan • Miscreation Toys • MJ Hsu • Mr Mars Studios • Mr.Mitote • MuffinMan • Mumbot • Mus Musculus • Muxxi • Naomi Knaff • Nick Nightmare • Nympheas Dolls • Obscure • One Eyed Girl • Pickled Circus • Rampage Toys • Rato Kim • RunDMB • Sad Salesman • SaoZen • Secret Demon Services • Seed Arts • Simon Says Macy • Slime Archetype • Stacia Murphy • Steve Chanks • Stitch of Whimsy • Tasha Zimich • The 3D Hero • The Art of Moses Jaen • The Beast Peddler • The Bots • The Menagerie MacLeod • Tim Clarke • Tokyo Jesus • TwelveDot • TwistyBitz • Uhhsure Monsters • Under Our Knives • Venetta Butcher • Vincent Scala • Zard Apuya • Zieromuko & More.

The opening reception will be free to the public and take place on Dec 14th, (as part of Beacon's Second Saturday art walk) and all pieces will remain on display until Friday, Jan 3rd, 2020 unless purchased. Pieces made for this exhibition will be available for sale both at our physical location in downtown Beacon, NY and on our website

Sunday, November 3, 2019

A bit late in the year, but I may be working on some art/toys before 2019 is done....

Monday, October 21, 2019

78 (18) Stolen Verses

I uploaded old scans of my 78 Stolen Verses project. I was reminded of this project tonight. I only ever got through 18 Verses and (sadly) haven't touched it for may years.

Hey, it's 78 Stolen Verses!

( ^^^ go there)

Monday, April 8, 2019

Photo Gallery Progress (2016-2018)

I started uploading old images to new pages/ I'll get a proper index put together once I make a little more progress. Recent years were a bit slower, so they were quicker to upload.